Celebrating Motherhood: Capturing Precious Moments with Mommy and Me


Celebrating Motherhood: Capturing Precious Moments with 
Mommy and Me Session

{Greeley, CO} 

Every so often people come into your life and they make it 1000x time richer.
Getting to meet Kelsey years and years ago when she became my oldest daughter's 2nd grade teacher was one of those moments that the universe had planned.  Not only is she an AMAZING teacher (I can speak to this as she's had both my kids in her class and I've subbed for her many times) she is a wonderful human.  I have had the joy of documenting so many milestones for her family- from engagement when it was just the 2 of them and their fur baby to 2 maternity sessions, 2 newborn sessions, and now 2 first birthday sessions.  Watching her and her husband, Joey (also a teacher), navigate life with kindness and positivity has been one of my photography journey's greatest blessings.  

Mommy and Me sessions are designed to capture a small snippet of time and get a peak into the bond that you share with your child (or children).  This time is focused on documenting the kisses and snuggles, the hand holding and even the wiping of tears.  Bring a special book to read together, or your favorite blanket to snuggle with.  We can dance, blow bubbles, tell jokes - whatever you enjoy doing together.  

Are you interested in scheduling a Mommy & Me session? 
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Be sure to check out Joey's nature photography here - Redstart Images

"Time with your babies goes by in the blink of an eye.  No matter how many pictures I take of my kids, rarely am I, the mommy, in the shot.  Not only are these pictures something I will treasure forever, the session and memories I made with my babies is time I'll cherish.  Tomorrow they will be bigger than they were today, but, thankfully I now have these memories frozen in time"

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